The Time For Wine Story

Monthly wine subscription straight from the vineyard to your door

Where it all started

In 1992 3D Wines was formed and we started out on our journey to champion French wines in the UK. What started out initially as a hobby, quickly became a burgeoning family business, helped no end by a slot on the popular BBC Food & Drink programme in 1999 with Oz Clarke and Jilly Goolden.

We introduced the unique wine gift of a ‘row of vines’ in small, family-run vineyards throughout France where wines were made with real care and passion. The first vineyard we began working with was Domaine de la Cune in Saumur and 26 years on, they are still one of our most popular producers. More vineyards began to join the 3D Wines family and our portfolio of winemakers flourished.

Today we work with over 30 small, family-run producers throughout France across a range of appellations, including Champagne, Sancerre, and Chateauneuf-du-pape as well as some lesser-known names. We also work with quality-conscious producers in Tuscany and New Zealand.
In 2018 we set up Time for Wine, a wine subscription service, to enable a larger, broader group of customers to enjoy our much admired, award-winning wines.

Our People

We are a small but very enthusiastic team here at Time for Wine. We are approachable and have a no nonsense approach to wine. To us, it is above all something to be enjoyed and relished but doesn’t break the bank! We are always available to talk to for advice and recommendations – we really do want you to enjoy your wines!

Our Wine Treasures

We have more than 26 years’ experience working with independent wine makers. Your monthly wine subscription box may include famous names such as Sancerre, Riesling and Champagne as well as some lesser-known wines.  All of them have been carefully selected from the greatest regions on earth.

Find the wine you love!

Treat yourself to a monthly wine subscription, some tantalising wine from our wine shop, or gift a wine subscription to someone special. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to find the wine you love.

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